Parenting Evaluation – Brief Focused Assessment (BFA)

2013-07-28 18.53.55A Court Involved Parenting Evaluation is a “Brief Focused Assessment” based on the AFCC Guidelines. It is an examination of each parent’s capacity to parent their child or children. It includes interviews with the children, the parents and their new partners and collaterals. A home visit and observation of a parent/child activity is also part of this assessment.  All relevant information that is provided, such as court documents, medical, educational and therapy reports, is reviewed. This evaluation results in a report, with recommendations, to the Court, both parents and their respective attorneys. It is intended to address the issues or questions requested by the Court. This process is initiated by a court order naming me as the parenting evaluator, how the fee is to be paid and by whom as well as the questions or issues to be addressed.  Sample court orders are available for attorneys.  Both parents are required to fill out my forms prior to the first interview. Brief Focused Assessment Guidelines can be found at:

Fee: $2000 – $2500

Additional costs for:

  • Court testimony, $150 per hour
  • Transportation/food and lodging outside the Medford/Ashland area.