Custody Evaluations with Mediation (CEM)

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Custody evaluations are comprehensive assessments based on the AFCC Guidelines and uses the “5 Point” evaluation including 1) Parent’s self-report 2) Parent and child interviews 3) home visits and parent-child interaction observations 4) collaterals, and 5) standardized assessments. This evaluation is intended to assist the court in deciding custody when parents are unable to reach a decision. A collaborative process is designed to be objective, impartial and provide thorough assessments of the parenting ability of each of the parties, whether they are the parents, grandparents or psychological parents of the children.

Oregon law (ORS 107.137) uses the standard of the “best interests and welfare of the child” in determining custody and parenting time matters. Custody evaluators are concerned with both the strengths and weaknesses of each parent so that the resulting recommendation will serve to help you parent your children more effectively. Using mediation to further refine the details of the custody evaluation is not required but an additional service for parents to consider.

Fee: $4500

2019 AFCC Guidelines for Custody Evaluations: