Reintegration Services

rocksReintegration services are for families when there is a breakdown in the relationship between a parent and child(ren) such that a child is refusing or resisting contact with a parent. We use the word reintegration because it is the word that is used in the literature to represent the restoration of a relationship and some type of communication between parent and child. Breaks in parent-child contact occur within complex family systems, so it is rarely the case that one parent can solve this situation single-handedly. Therefore, all family members are asked to be active participants in the reintegration process.

Reintegration services blend the methods from several different disciplines, including reintegration, co-parenting skills, education, and dispute resolution. This is not a therapy service and is not covered by health insurance, because there is no presumption of an “illness” that is being treated.

Evaluation phase:

  1. Each parent meets individually with the provider for an initial assessment for approximately 60 to 90 minutes. This allows each parent to meet the provider who will be working with them and their child(ren,) and to provide their perspective on the background of the struggles occurring in their family.
  2. Once both parents have completed these meetings, the children meet with the provider for several sessions to get to know one another, and to consider the children’s perspective on the family struggles and how they might benefit from addressing these with their parents.
  3. When it is determined by the provider and minors that they are ready to meet with the “rejected parent” a meeting time and place will be discussed.

Review and Recommendations:

Once the evaluation phase is complete, the providers discuss options for how the family might best address their issues. The provider will make a recommendation about which of two paths the family can most productively follow. Path A is to have reintegration sessions simply continue. We recommend this option when it seems that the children and parent will be able to work through their difficulties and that the sessions will improve the relationship. Path B is to have the provider and both parents (and possibly) their attorneys meet for a feedback and planning session. In this session, we give our feedback about the state of the family and a plan is created for how the parents will assist the children to manage the relationship difficulties they are encountering. We consider Option B ideal for families in which the children are saddled with the burden of resolving family patterns that are largely based on the dynamics between the parents or broader family patterns. The plan is utilized to shift the burden back to parents, and free the child(ren) from this overwhelming responsibility.

Ongoing Reintegration Sessions:

If ongoing sessions are recommended, these sessions are used to gradually and incrementally unravel the difficulties that have occurred in the family and resolve these to the point that communication can be restored. In most families, the parenting or co-parenting relationship is a significant contributing factor to the children’s difficulties, so sessions that involve the two parents are typically included in these services.

Initial Retainer: $2000 – $2500